November - Dezember 2014

29.11.14 – 20.12.14

Martin Müller and Lukas Rohner
Visch & Fogel – Masch & Menschine

Martin Müller, Basel: Kinetic installations and sound objects
Lukas Rohner, Basel: Objects, installation, music and texts

Sat 29.11.14, 17.00 – 19.30 Uhr

Vernissage. Project overview: Ute Stoecklin

Sun 07.12.14, 11.00 Uhr
St. Gallen literary scene I: Matinée
Andrea Graf: "Appenzeller Biberli"
Lukas Rohner: Music improvised on scurrilous keyboard instruments
Thur 11.12.14, 19.30 Uhr
St. Gallen literary scene II:
Monika Schnyder – Helena Rüdisühli
"Laufender Hund"- a sound and language performance
Fri 19.12.14, 19.30 - 21.30 Uhr
Solo recital Hans Koch, clarinet

Sorry, we need to move the concert of Hans Koch on March 2015.
The exact date will be announced soon.

Sat 20.12.14, 15.00 - 19.00 Uhr

Finissage, attended by the artists
17.00 Lukas Rohner, recitation and music
Book presentation "gedichtsurteil" with furniture drum and soundwhee

Events for turn of the year

Sun 21.12.14, 11.00 Uhr

Book presentation "Unter dem guten Stern" by Wilhelm Münger Reading by Jupp Saile

Tue 30.12.14, 19.30 Uhr
Jupp Saile reads Wilhelm Busch. Rudi Linder, trumpet