February - March 2018

Sat 24.2. - Sun 25.3.2018

At the zenith

Claudia Walther Retrospektive
photo - painting

Sat 24.2., 17.00 - 19.00

Introduction: Ute Stoecklin

Sun 4.3., 11.00

Matinée and guided tour
"The sun as broad as a leaf" (Anaximenes, 6
th century B.C.)
Interpretations and perspectives: Ute Stoecklin
Cédric Froidevaux, solo flute
Works by Isang Yun, Toru Takemitsu and others
Claudia Walther: guided tour

Sat 10.3., 13.00

Concert canceled

Wed 14.3., 19.30

Ensemble ö! Plasma
Works by M. Feldman, E. Poppe and F. Donatoni

Sun 25.3., 11.00

Matinée and finissage
Carlo Ghirardelli reads from the work of
Albert Camus, Alessandro Baricco and selected poetry