April - May 2018

Sat 7.4.2018, 19.30

Absolut Trio
Urs Peter Schneider

Works from six decades
Bettina Boller, violin
Judith Gerster, cello
Stefka Perifanowa, piano
Urs Peter Schneider, texts

Fri 13.4. - Sun 6.5. 2018

Anne-Dominique Hubert
Stephanie Tangerding

"…to look at the juniper time and again"
Installations, pictures, videos and audioworks


Fri 13.4.2018, 18.00-20.00

Introduction: Ute Stoecklin

Mon 23.4.2018, 19.30

Unheard orderings
Marianne Schuppe, voice
Alfred Zimmerlin, cello

Fri 27.4.2018, 19.30

Reading H.-D. Jendreyko
"to live in the midst of the seconds"

Texts selected by Anne Dominique Hubert and
Stephanie Tangerding

Sun 6.5.2018, 17.00

Ensemble ö! Dimensions
Works by M. Jaggi (world première), V. Montalti,
A. Solbiati and R. Moser
Final concert of the season

Tenants' forum Maison 44

27.5. – 24.6.2018

3 5 8 Thematical group exhibition with artists of Basel.
Curatorium: Francoise Theis

www.vedarte.ch - www.utengassesechzig.blogspot.ch
Vernissage: 27.5., 11.00 – 14.00