Aldo Bonato

Sculpture, Stage sets, Installation, Drawing

born in 1954 in Basel
Visited San Francisco and New York for study purposes
Has exhibited continually since 1974
After several decades in which he made sculptures, installations and stage sets,
Aldo Bonato has since 2006 devoted himself exclusively to drawing.
Exhibitions in Maison 44 2005/07/12

About his work
Aldo Bonato's extensive oeuvre of drawings displays a highly individual pictorial language of unmistakeable mastery, derived from comics. He became known in the 1970s with socially critical drawings on old jeans, packing paper and bread bags, with his 'rats' series and street maps and topographic maps painted in bright colours on both sides.
Aldo Bonato – a wanderer in the itinerancy of his own history.
(Ute Stoecklin, 2012)