Andreas Hausendorf

Painting, Drawing, Object

Andreas Hausendorf (1957-2007) was born in Bad Harzburg/ Germany and spent his childhood and youth there. He began to write, read and paint at an early age, teaching himself in the realms of the arts, literature and philosophy.
He came to Switzerland in 1981 and there became acquainted with the painting school of Beppe Assenza. There followed several years of intensive study of colour. The 'house' returns time and again as a motive in his work: the house as abode, protection, envelopment, as living in the world. Being at home and not being at home. Fundamental to him are colour and form in their connection together, and colour in itself as an expression of itself. Using earthy colours he found his way to simple, reduced forms. The result was works on paper, sketched ink drawings as an immediate encounter with the Now. His intensive engagement with archaic cultures and myths (the Upanishads, the myths of the Hopi and Zuni Indians etc.) found expression in objects and in a pictorial oeuvre that is characterized by a minimalistic sense of reduction and calm.
Andreas Hausendorf exhibited continually, both in individual or group exhibitions (Maison 44 2003/04/05/08/12). Numerous of his works are held by public and private collections in Germany and Switzerland.
(Ute Stoecklin, Basler Zeitung, 2008/12)