Karin Käppeli-von Bülow

Drawing, Painting

born in Greifswald/ Germany, grew up in Wuppertal/ Germany
Trained at the School of Arts and Crafts in London and Leicester, with
M.T. Vacossin at the Atelier Fanal in Basel (painting and colour theory) and with Krassimira Drenska at the Art College in Basel (various printing techniques).
She was active on the board of the GSBK, later visarte, from 1992 to 2000.
She has participated in various international individual and group exhibitions, in particular on the topic of the art book (Maison 44 in 2003/04/07/12).
Karin Käppeli-von Bülow lives and works in Binningen near Basel.

About her work
Karin Käppeli-von Bülow's concrete works and colour studies can be compared with research and detective work that often leads us far back into previous epochs (the 'Echnaton' Cycle, 2007). The artist works with colour pens and oils. She creates pictures and series of pictures that can also develop into book form. They have a single, encompassing concept and lead time and again into the realm of music and sound, with titles such as 'Imagine music', 'Voices', 'Hildegard von Bingen' (2002/03) and 'Bach fugue' (2004). Colours, forms and structures are developed further in various working steps and layers. Geometry becomes a sensitive, personal imprint. (Ute Stoecklin 2003/07/12)
"I am interested in how colours impact on each other, how they change, or how something quite new is created by overlayerings. I see my art books as a particular challenge, and they are in some cases the result of months of work". (K.K.-v.B.)