Kitty Schaertlin

Installation, Sculpture, Object, Painting, Lithography, Art-in-architecture

born in 1961 in Freiburg im Breisgau/ Germany
She has worked as a freelance artist since 1994 in the fields of installation, sculpture, objects, painting, lithography and art-in-architecture.
Kitty Schaertlin has been exhibiting since 1995 (Maison 44 2008/12), curates and organizes art exhibitions and has published numerous art catalogues.
She lives in Sissach (CH).

About her work
My work expresses my passion for reduction, for clear forms and colours and for an engagement with the space at hand. My installations are the result of experimentation, of a process of research and discovery and of the tension between aesthetic ideals and the demands to be fulfilled by the material.
(K. Sch.)