Heinz Schäublin

Drawing, Installation, Multimedia projects

born in 1947 in Basel
Attended the professional course of the Basel Art College from 1967 to 1971.
1974-1986 member of the artists' group 'allerart'
Heinz Schäublin was awarded Swiss federal art scholarships and the prize of the Alexander Clavel Foundation in Riehen (1992).
He has been represented in various exhibitions in Basel and in the surrounding region (Maison 44 in 2003/05/07/11/12).
Heinz Schäublin lives and works in Basel and organizes and co-curates cultural projects.

About his work
In the beginning there was a delight in drawing, in improvising with a pencil and in a free engagement with forms and structures. Influences came from the realm of music (free jazz/ minimal music) and from comics – these are elements that recur time and again. A serial, minimalistic phase was followed by 'work of the generations', namely mutations of pictorial material by a multiple process of generative revision. Ornament becomes fundamental.
Heinz Schäublin's work can be assigned to different work groups:
'Pirate drawings' (1980s); 'Of Milky-Way wanderers and fixed-star collectors' (2003); 'Megacity' (2006) - a vision of urbanization, urban agglomerations and proliferations of civilization; 'Chaos and order' (2008/09); and 'Above deck on the earth' (2011).
Sections of images and their architecture acquire meaning.
(Ute Stoecklin, 2012/ workbook 2007)