Saulius Vaitiekūnas

Object, Installation, Sculpture

born in 1951 in Vilnius/ Lithuania
Studied law at the University of Vilnius
1991-2008 on the organizational and creative staff of the Vartai Gallery, Vilnius
In 2009 he founded 'terra recognita', a studio and cultural foundation in Vilnius,
in 2012 the 'terra recognita' Gallery in Vilnius.
Since 1987 participation in numerous international individual and group exhibitions (Maison 44 2005/12), including exhibitions at important art fairs
such as Art Cologne, Art Vienna, Art Karlsruhe, Art Moscow and Art Vilnius
Saulius Vaitiekūnas lives in Vilnius.

About his work
Saulius Vaitiekūnas draws from the power of nature, of the depths of the earth and of the myths of his home country of Lithuania. The result is a meditative, transcendental oeuvre that includes large-scale installations. Vaitiekūnas is fascinated by nature in the unceasing motion and transformation by which it alternately creates and destroys itself. He also works with found objects and in work groups, thematizing stone in its magical reality as an expression of the eternal, the problem of time in a metaphor of clockwork as constant self-destruction, and in 'Bon voyage' as a process of slowing down – an installation of hundreds of bakers' shovels, standing in a room. The installation 'Cloudmania' (Maison 44, 2005) is an attempt to impart reality to clouds, in a play with chance and distortion in space.
(Ute Stoecklin 2005/12)