Ute Stoecklin


Ute Stoecklin is a musician who since 2002 has been the director of the Concert Gallery Maison 44 in Basel. Its interdisciplinary programme aims to unite art, music, literature and scholarly topics. She has authored artist biographies, work introductions and articles on art and music, and has curated interdisciplinary cultural projects. As a pianist specializing in music of the 20th and 21st centuries, Stoecklin performs works of contemporary composers and has given world premières, perfomed in musico-literary projects and made recordings for radio and for CD. Ute Stoecklin is a founding member and the president of the Meinrad Schütter Society (www.meinrad-schuetter.ch). In 2010 she published a biography entitled: Meinrad Schütter - Music as Life's Work, or The art of avoiding distractions (Musikverlag Müller&Schade, Bern)

Basel 2011