February / March 2014

08.02.14 – 02.03.14

Lotti Kofler, Basel - mostly…

Pictures, photography, light sculpture

Sat. 08.02.14, 17.00

Vernissage. Introduction: Ute Stoecklin

Sun. 16.02.14, 11.00

Matinée I: readings and music
Works by Alexander Zemlinsky and Alban Berg
Texts by Lotti Kofler, Claudia Sutter and others
Maria Gessler, soprano
Riccardo Bovino, piano
Readings: Claudia Sutter und Ute Stoecklin

Sun. 02.03.14, 11.00

Closing event and Matinée II
Urs Peter Schneider "Through all the keys"

from J.S. Bach to Up Schneider



Tues. 18. 03.14, 19.00 Uhr

Lecture and Benefit Concert

Ukraine - The Dynamics of the Ukrainian Euromaidan and its Influence on Public Discussions on Values

Guest from Ukraine - Myroslav Marynovych
Lecture in English