The Concert Gallery Maison 44

The Concert Gallery was founded by Ute Stoecklin in 2002.
Its programmatic concept is interdisciplinary in nature and encompasses exhibitions, lecture concerts, readings, lectures and panel discussions. Scholarly topics also feature. The goal is to bring individual disciplines and artistic genres together and into contact with each other.
Of fundamental importance are the interconnections between content and message: the discourse that results from opening up, from conversing and from engaging in dialogue. In this sense, Maison 44 also sees itself as a forum for contemporary issues. At the core of its activities lie contemporary music and the art of today. Cultural exchange beyond national boundaries is another matter of concern and is already being realized together with artists of several European countries, in particular from the nations of Eastern Europe such as Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine. The Concert Gallery is a non-profit association whose aim is solely to maintain itself. There is also a Society of Supporters of the Concert Gallery.