Zbyszek Blukacz


born in 1961 in Panki/ Poland
Studied at the Art Academy of Cracow/Katowice
He has won prizes in various competitions.
Since 1986 he has exhibited in Poland, Germany, France and Switzerland (individual and group exhibitions, including at Maison 44 in 2006/08/12).
Zbigniew Blukacz is a professor at the University of Arts in Katowice/ Polen.

About his work
The poetry of boundless spaces
Zbigniew Blukacz paints landscapes whose boundlessness is depicted in impressive, large-scale formats. Blukacz draws on tradition, but sets himself free from the schematism of the major stylistic tendencies and has found an individual philosophical and metaphorical/poetic pictorial language. His is a poetry of distance and depth of space in all its immensity, in reflections and blank spaces and in the complexity of structured, close-up surroundings of thickets, undergrowth and scorched earth. High horizons, sometimes inexistent, and spaces devoid of people serve to convey distance, loneliness and silence. We can observe transitions into the abstract, as if he were feeling his way across boundaries and yet at the same time leading us over a bridge into other dimensions. In his utilization of omission, the artist demonstrates his fundamental concern with human beings. Zbginiew Blukacz is a master of colour, of light and of inner structure.
(Ute Stoecklin, Catalogue 2008/12)