Franz Goldschmidt

Drawing, Painting

born in 1952 in Basel, he grew up in Michigan (USA). Early interested in architecture and drawing. 1974 Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Michigan/ USA.
1974 return to Basel. Franz Goldschmidt works as academic illustrator. Qualification as teacher of art (diploma PHFHNW 2004).
Continually pursuing his free artistic work he shows several exhibitions in some European countries (Maison 44 2012). His spatial works are made of wood, later cardboard.
1995-1998 member of the committee of art credits, Basel-City
In 2006 he founds together with Marianne Flury the "Farbwerkstatt Basel".
In his new works he redeploies his interests more to painting.
Since 1987 Franz Goldschmidt is concerned with balinese gamelan music, in which he finds structural affinity to his artistic work. He has been teaching at the studio of music of the cultures at the Musik-Akademie Basel since 1997.
Franz Goldschmidt lives and works at Basel.

About his work:
"Order is technic. Is the attempt, to get a grip to all, to benefit from everything. For these purposes it has to be manageable, calculable and constant. Orders are castles in the air. Convertible, always on the move, full of surprises. They are able to interact for creating new unpredictable orders. They are not to be defined, but they are defining."
(Franz Goldschmidt, 2011)