Marlise Mumenthaler


born in 1958 in Huttwil BE/ Switzerland
Studied at the art colleges of Biel, Bern and Lucerne
In 1996 she was granted a residency in the Cité des Arts in Paris.
She has had numerous individual and group exhibitions since 1993 (at Maison 44 2008/12) and has participated in the art fairs of Zurich (in 2006/07/08/09/10). Marlise Mumenthaler lives and works in Lucerne.

About her work
Wholy with herself
Marlise Mumenthaler has in recent years become known as a painter of spatial situations and inner spaces. People in interior spaces often appear in back-light, and when in outside spaces they cast long shadows. Marlise Mumenthaler thereby achieves a dramatization of the situation depicted: crossing a square or visiting a museum attains significance and holds our attention. These pictures are based on photos that the artist takes in everyday life or when travelling. When she turns them into paintings in her studio, their subjects are both accentuated and concentrated. (Urs Sibler, 2012)
Topic of recent works is the distance, the far-away.